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May PASS Israel Chapter Meeting

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  • 17:30 - 20:30
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    1. In-Memory OLTP / Hekaton – Diving Deep and Getting Practical (Shy Engelberg, Hynt)

    The In-Memory OLTP is a fantastic new feature that has proven ability for improving throughput by x30. In this session I will take the theory and bring it into the practical world. I will answer the following questions, among others:
    - In what scenarios should we expect to get x30 boost?
    - What are the steps of migrating an existing application?
    - How to manage the storage and memory?
    - What types of indexes exist? When should I create each of them?
    - How can I migrate my stored procedures and code?

    Shy Engelberg (Blog) is a senior SQL Server DBA and consultant at HYNT. For the past 9 years he has been designing, maintaining, tuning, developing and supporting mission critical databases of all scales, both as a DBA and as a team leader.

    Shy Engelberg


    1. The Power of Powershell for the DBA (Lior King, SuperDerivatives)

    Powershell enables the DBA to automate complex tasks easily and efficiently. In this session we will learn about the principles of Powershell. We will suggest ways in which Powershell can be used to automate complex tasks and make it a useful tool in the DBA's toolbox.

    Lior King (Blog)is living and breathing the IT world for more than 20 years as a developer, as a DBA and as an instructor. He is passionate about information technologies andhas beeninvolved in many complex data projects.

    Lior King



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