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February Israel PASS Chapter Meeting

Featured Presentations:

SQL Server Radio - Special and Live Show

Guy Glantser, CEO Madeira SQL Server Services

The Israeli SQL Server User Group is proud to host the Israeli SQL Server Radio in a special and live show. The meeting room at Microsoft is going to convert into a broadcasting studio, where Matan and Guy are going to run the show together with the audience. We are going to talk about interesting blog posts, challenging forum questions, professional events, SQL Server tips, and so much more. Don't miss this opportunity to take part in a unique radio show... SQL Server Radio is an internet radio show for SQL Server DBAs, database developers, architects, system administrators and anyone else who is interested in the SQL Server platform. The show is intended to add another platform of knowledge sharing to the already strong Israeli SQL Server community. The show is run by Matan Yungman and Guy Glantser, simply because it's fun!

About Guy:
Guy Glantser is the leader of the Israeli PASS chapter and also the CEO of Madeira SQL Server Services. His career has been focused on SQL Server for the past 17 years, performing various database roles as either an on-site DBA, an external consultant or an instructor. Guy is involved in many activities in the SQL Server community. He occasionally speaks at community events, such as Tech-Ed, product launches and user groups around the world. He also co-hosts the Israeli SQL Server radio show.

SQL Server Radio - Special and Live Show

Matan Yungman, DBA Microsoft

Additional speaker

About Matan:
Matan Yungman is a SQL Server DBA at the Microsoft Protection Services operations team. Over the last few years he has taken part in various challenging projects around SQL Server. He is passionate about SQL Server and technology in general.

Cloud #9 - SQL Server 2014 - The Hybrid Platform

Shy Engelberg, SQL Server DBA HYNT

Cloud services are gaining more and more weight in today's IT environments. Applications are developed especially to run on cloud services, budgets are shifting towards cloud solutions, and users want to consume their services everywhere, on every device in the same way. SQL Server 2014 is taking a giant leap and it is the first real step towards a truly cloud integrated platform. It enables IT organizations to start migrating infrastructure to the cloud and reduce costs. In this session Shy will cover the most important cloud oriented features in SQL Server 2014. The session will be integrated with demos, how-to's and real-life scenarios that will make you re-consider your infrastructure. - בדיקת ה DC הקרוב ביותר – בעל המהירות הגבוהה ביותר. - כלי הגיבוי - Storage explorer – להתחברות ל AZURE STORAGE וביצוע מגוון פעולות

About Shy:
Shy Engelberg is a senior SQL Server DBA and consultant at HYNT. For the past 9 years he has been designing, maintaining, tuning, developing and supporting mission critical databases of all scales, both as a DBA and as a team leader.

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